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At Vanadium we believe in making complexity simple. We've used software and new hardware to modernise the process of getting a solar system designed for your home or business. From start to finish, customer satisfaction & engagement is a key value to us, ensuring we are delivering the right solution and product for your individual needs. 


Drone/3D Survey

In our efforts to modernise the solar industry, we have implemented new technology that can utilise 3D mapping taken from a drone scan over the desired area. This gives us highly accurate data to design your solar array. 

Accurate data then gives us the foundation we need for transparent and logical designs that make sense from an environmental and financial stand point



When it comes to the installation, Vanadium offers a turnkey solution driven by our goal of simplifying your renewable journey. This means you have trained roofers installing your solar array mounts, hooks, rails and panels. Giving you peace of mind that all the external work is completed by trained professionals that have decades of experience.

As well as roofing we also include the cost and provision of scaffolding when required for your solar installation.

We aim for you as a customer to have peace of mind you're in good hands while we install your renewable systems. 

solaran battery

Solar and Battery.

It's extremely important to us that we install and work with the right manufacturers. Quality, Affordability, Design and Analytics are all key factors we look for when working with hardware manufacturers in the industry. We're happy to say that we work with some great manufacturers like SolarEdge, Fox ESS and Tesla.

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