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Charge knowing we've got your back.


Standard Planned.

Each year, we will conduct a comprehensive on-site service visit, which encompasses 14 thorough checks, tests, and inspections. This service ensures that your records are furnished with a detailed report, meeting both insurance and warranty prerequisites. The specific information regarding this visit is specified in the tests segment below.

£5 per month per charger


Reactive Maintenance.

Includes Standard Planned.

Within 12 hours - We aim to respond to emails or non-emergency reports on the same day.

Within 24 hours - We provide remote diagnosis and, if feasible, remote repair within 24 hours of reported issues.

Within 72 hours - If the issue persists, our engineer will be on-site to diagnose and repair (if possible) or take necessary steps to facilitate replacement and initiate any applicable warranty claims.


£6.50 per month per charger


Remote Monitoring and Reporting.

Our chargepoint management software enables remote monitoring. Monthly records will be stored at Vanadium, and an annual copy will be provided, along with the maintenance report, as part of the package.

solaran battery

The Tests.

1. Visual inspection conducted on all hardware to identify any physical damage.
2. Functional testing performed on circuit switchgear to ensure proper operation.
3. Functional testing carried out on chargepoints and internal switchgear (if applicable).
4. Moisture ingress check conducted on all chargepoints and blank chargepoints to assess IP protection.
5. EV vehicle charge cycle tests conducted at each chargepoint to verify functionality.
6. LED functionality of EV chargepoints checked to ensure proper operation.
7. Voltage measurement performed at each chargepoint and blank connection unit.
8. Earth loop (Zs) safety test conducted at each chargepoint and blank chargepoint connection units.
9. RCD trip time safety test performed on each circuit and/or within each chargepoint (if present).
10. Inspection conducted on all chargepoint and blank chargepoint connections to identify signs of overload or overheating.
11. All connections in chargepoints, blank chargepoints, backplates, and associated junction boxes checked and tightened.
12. Visible cabling and mounting posts examined for any signs of impact or mechanical damage.
13. Warranty reports filed with the manufacturer whenever reporting an issue is necessary.
14. An annual maintenance report provided to the duty holder.

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