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Easee One.


Easee One is a powerful 7kW charging robot that is suitable for all types of cars and mains. Designed specifically for the UK domestic market, its type B RCD protection and inbuilt open PEN conductor protection allows for a quick install with no need for additional earthing solutions.

Easee Charge.


Easee Charge maximises the available electrical capacity within a building using dynamic load and phase balancing. With the ability to connect 101 chargers to the same fuse, and charge up to 22kW, this is ultimate solution for delivering EV-Charging at scale for apartment blocks, workplaces, car parks and fleet.

Easee Ready.

EaseeReady Front_DONE.png

Easee Ready is a future proofed solution that allows you to install and certify a full EV charging solution. This allows for a far more affordable installation while benefiting from the infrastructure grants. The installation is just Plug & Play.

easee equaliser

Easee Equaliser.

Electrical car charging requires a lot of energy, that has to be shared wisely with your building. Therefore, Easee Equalizer allows you to use all available power for car charging, by balancing the available energy in real time, day and night. When energy consumption in your building is lower, more energy becomes immediately available for the charging robot(s), so you can charge faster. You never have to think about fuses tripping.

Solar Surplus Charging now Live



Easee App.

The Easee app lets you manage your Easee Charging Robots. In the app, you have access to all your facilities and the various Charging Robots. The app is available for both Android and iOS. Download directly from Google Play or the App Store.

- See charging status
- Start and pause charging
- Adjust charging power
- Schedule charging sessions
- Access control
- Lock the charging cable + much more …



Easee is shaping the future of electricity and business culture. That means focusing both on developing scalable and future-orientated technology, while also setting the example for what a sustainable organisation and people focused business culture can be. One where values and employees comes first. Always.


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