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Home Charging.

Having a charger installed at home is still the most practical and cost efficient way to charge your electric vehicle. Vanadium offers a seamless experience when choosing and installing a charger at your home, taking into account what additional renewable solutions you'll likely install in the future.

Grants Available


We have the ultimate solution when it comes to apartment EV charging, making the installation costs per apartment not far different than a home installation. Working with Easee we can connect 1-25 chargers on a circuit to reduce installation materials and environmental footprint. In addition a wireless load balance to maximise your developments current power supply.

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Grants Available


Powering your electric vehicle fleet up to 22kw charging speeds with daisy chaining functionality. With the staff and fleet grants being offered, there's never better time to future proof your commercial buildings with EV charger infrastructure. You have the potential to claim up to 75% off your entire installation.

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Grants Available

New Build.

Whether it's a live charger or just the provision for a charger in the future, we have you covered. Using a Easee Ready we can provide future proofing for chargers you purchase in the future when you need them. No mess and no downtime. Installations in less than 60 seconds.

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Grants Available
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